Silent Scream

I don’t wanna fight anymore.

Do you hear me? No more.

I’m worse than invisible.

You don’t see my pain.

How could you? So different.

They can’t hear my lament.

I’m so broken…

What did I do to offend them?

Just existing is my sin.

I’m a human, so genuine.

They don’t care.

They wanna kill me.

And they succeed.

I’m not safe, even here.

I’m supposed to be fine in my mom’s womb.

But, not anymore.

No matter how much I implore.

It’s my graveyard.

My silent screams

Will never be heard…

Be my voice,

Since I have no voice at all.

Be my voice, since I have no voice at all.

Be my voice, since I have no voice at all.


Not safe

I remember your last touch.
It was a hit, you became rogue.
There were troubles between us,
Couldn’t be solved with a kiss or a hug.

I wouldn’t feel safe around you.
You were a fighter,
I was your target.
You didn’t mean to hurt me
Or so you said.
You did it anyway.

I couldn’t stand it anymore.
It was you or I.
But, please, don’t ask me why.
I just did it.
And here we are.
Both on our way to the graveyard.