Remember the last song you played.
It was about our love,
What we used to feel.
The last time we tried to cover our mistakes,
We hid them in the stove
Until there was no more.
Or that’s what we thought.

But the end was so close.
We were so blind.
Why did we wait? We were so selfish.
It was like an overdose
Of our own medicine.
Many, oh, many lies!
There was nothing we could do.

And here we are, imprisoned.
Our liberty is forever gone.
No mistakes anymore.
Tomorrow we will be here no more.



She was trembling,
Her skin so pale,
I was fearing the worst,
Her death.
False alarm?
She was hypoglycemic.

But she was so close!
Oh, God, no!
Her heart rate so erratic.
Could I do like with everybody?
There was no dextrose nearby.
(This hospital is the worst!)
Until it became static,
All silence around.
Really, some coke?
Her glucose stable.
I could sleep again.

Your show

They say we used to date.

How is that possible? All I felt was hate.

There was nothing between us, I say,

but they don’t believe

It was a part of your play.

They say you loved me.

How can they say that? I don’t agree.

If you did, why did you flee?

You didn’t care about my plea.

I didn’t love you. Not even now.

I just wanted to leave my past behind.

but you had to start a show

and stopped being kind.

You were no longer my prince.

You became a dragon.

And this princess can fight.

Silent Scream

I don’t wanna fight anymore.

Do you hear me? No more.

I’m worse than invisible.

You don’t see my pain.

How could you? So different.

They can’t hear my lament.

I’m so broken…

What did I do to offend them?

Just existing is my sin.

I’m a human, so genuine.

They don’t care.

They wanna kill me.

And they succeed.

I’m not safe, even here.

I’m supposed to be fine in my mom’s womb.

But, not anymore.

No matter how much I implore.

It’s my graveyard.

My silent screams

Will never be heard…

Be my voice,

Since I have no voice at all.

Be my voice, since I have no voice at all.

Be my voice, since I have no voice at all.

Not safe

I remember your last touch.
It was a hit, you became rogue.
There were troubles between us,
Couldn’t be solved with a kiss or a hug.

I wouldn’t feel safe around you.
You were a fighter,
I was your target.
You didn’t mean to hurt me
Or so you said.
You did it anyway.

I couldn’t stand it anymore.
It was you or I.
But, please, don’t ask me why.
I just did it.
And here we are.
Both on our way to the graveyard.


I see him doing the same everyday.
He buys flowers, wears the same tuxedo.
Stops before crossing the street,
Sees the building in front of him
And returns to his place.
It’s the same.
No matter if it rains, snows,
If it’s windy or sunny.
Doesn’t he care about the poor flowers?
Or the tuxedo he washes and is always soaking wet?
No, he doesn’t care.

This has to stop.

Today I wear casual clothes.
At least I don’t look chaotic.
I see him coming out.
And he stops.
A smile crosses his face.
“Why are you smiling?”,
I ask.
“Didn’t you know? You’re exotic”.
He was waiting for me.
He didn’t feel strong enough
To cross the street
And ask me out.

Photo taken from dorama Playful Kiss

Didn't you know? You're exotic.

Didn’t you know? You’re exotic.

Hidden muse

There’s no lie in the truth
And there’s no light in the dark.
But one can’t live without the other
As you can’t live without me around the corner.

I was your safe point
Until I figured out
You would never go to second base
Or even the first one.
I wasn’t that important.

Never mind. I don’t care anymore.
I’m writing these lines you’ll never read.
Or maybe you will, but you won’t recognize
The hidden muse you were for me, from the inside.


You pay attention to everything I do.
It doesn’t matter if it’s bad or good.
My smile, my tears.
My happiness and my fears.
Everything is captivating.
According to you.

It isn’t that I’m perfect.
It’s your love (such a marvel).
I don’t know, I just wonder
What I did to dazzle you.
And it will remain as that
Since you never said
And you’re far away
In a place I can’t reach.


You never let me down.
No matter all the things I do.
If I forget you,
If I walk by your place without saying hi.
You just wait,
Even with the choice I made.

I decided to go away from you.
Like I could!
Easy to say, hard to do.
That’s why I didn’t succeed.
And I fell again for thee.

And, now, I’m back.
I’m stunned, you are my man.
So reliable, I’m glad you waited.

Here I am.
You take my hand
And together we walk in this journey called life.