Last wish

What will I feel on my last minute?
Maybe loneliness, or sorrow.
I might be thinking: “Is this the end?”
And I’ll feel how mi heart stops,
My eyes will stop their work
And my brain will think no more.

Will it be my doom?

With no heart beat,
No breathing,
No thinking,
My existence will stop.
No way back.
I’ll be deceased.

Will it be painful?
Who knows!
No one has come back from the eternal journey.

I’m sure I’ll keep hearing
Because it’s the last sense to go.
I’ll hear the crying and screaming…
I might not have a quick final rest.

But, will I care about what I’ll feel?
No. Not that I care that much now.
To feel or not to feel. That’s the question.
Just physiology. So what!

There’s only one thing I’d like to feel.
That I did everything I could.
Nothing could stop me.
And, even when everything looked like a big storm
I could defeat what some considered the worst.
So, my last wish is to live, and be happy with it.

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