¿Apoyo al talento ecuatoriano?

En estos últimos años hemos visto un auge de programas televisivos en los cuales se presume apoyar al talento ecuatoriano, sea a nivel de actuación, comedia, baile o canto.

Pero… ¿Se apoya a los escritores ecuatorianos? ¿Hay alguien que esté presto a brindar una mano amiga a la literatura?

Lo pregunto porque aunque no he mandado escritos míos a editoriales nacionales o internacionales, he escuchado muchas cosas sobre las mismas. Pero no es eso lo que viene al caso en este artículo. Sino algo más crítico todavía.

Pregunto yo: ¿Es acaso tan raro que un ecuatoriano pueda escribir en inglés y español sin problemas?

I’ll write some of this in English so I can prove my point. Too bad this is the first time I write in this language here.

Here’s the thing. There’s a library I liked once, until I had a bad experience there. I was kicked out. What was my crime? I picked up a book I wanted to buy, and I started reading just one page before paying it. No big deal, I had done it before at other libraries and nobody told me anything.

Until then.

This person came to me and took the book from my hands claiming it was forbidden. I said in my defense that I had done it before in other libraries and there was no problem. I didn’t break the package, it was already out! But this dude didn’t wanna hear me so I had to leave. I didn’t buy the book and I didn’t go back for almost a year.

That library is LibriMundi at San Marino. Right, the same one where the young ecuadorian writers forum was held on April.

At first, when we went there, I thought things had changed for good. I even considered going back as I go to some other libraries because this one is closer to my university. But, actually, things haven’t changed at all. And, if they did, it’s for worse.

Today I received a shocking new. A friend of mine published a great book a week ago. He is Ecuadorian and the book is in English. just because of that, they don’t want to sell it because it’s in a foreign language. Since when we are not able to write in English, Norwegian, or any other language we want?

I remember what an American writer told me once: I’d like to write in two languages like you do.

Then, why can’t we? Because we should just speak Spanish? Come on, we read English, we can write English, for God’s sake! It’s not about where’s the writer from and the language that writer should use for publishing. We are from a new generation. We are supposed to learn a lot from all around the world, including the language. Then, why is there a stop if we wanna publish in English?

Well, I speak and write English and Spanish, And I’ll keep doing it until I die. Unless I learn any other language =)

And if there’s no library for my future books just because they’re in English and not from a foreign writer but from a local one (the alleged reason why they won’t sell the book), there’s always another great (really great) libraries and Amazon.com

Just in case you wonder, the book is On the road to dreams.

Read me next time, dear reader!




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